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Students - get help finding your initial career direction with a friendly and supportive career professional. 

A starting point is identifying what you enjoy doing and also your skills, values and abilities. As a CareerSmart licensed practitioner, I offer the CareerSmart online tool to help young people identify their strengths, motivators and interests. This self-reflection process can be helpful when choosing school subjects, possible career interest areas to explore as well as what your first steps beyond school into work, training or further education will be.  I encourage proactively exploring widely to find out more about the occupational areas that could suit you. This involves developing the important life skills of researching, networking, making decisions and putting plans into place.


Talk about your career, assess your options and what steps you could take to pursue your preferred future role.

I can help you with assessing what types of roles, industries or occupational areas you wish to move into.  Perhaps it is more about enriching your current role or developing an additional business idea?Increasingly, people will have many different occupations and roles across their lives. This means lifelong learning is vital - learning new skills, perhaps retraining, studying or starting your own business. With up to date knowledge on tertiary study, I can also help you explore study and training options.


Looking for new jobs and wanting help with applying? Need help with interviews?

I can help you with developing and implementing an effective job search strategy and preparing your application documents (curriculum vitae, covering letters, your LinkedIn profile). 

Interview preparation and practice interviews with feedback on performance are a specialty area. This could include interviews for courses, jobs or scholarships.

Fees for services

30 minute free initial phone consultation for all clients - to discuss what assistance you are seeking, the services I offer and any questions that you have. 

  • Two hour career coaching package for youth or career change clients - $325. Follow up appointments $120/hour.

  • CV and cover letter review and feedback - $120

  • CV and cover letter writing - $250

  • Three hour job search and interview package - $425. Follow up appointments $120/hour.